JFMAfs Activities

FM Promotion and Education

JFMA provides FM-related information through its journal and publications, and through the Internet. We also provide an opportunity for the presentation on the latest FM practices and case studies in FM conferences and seminars that cover wide range of pertinent for the promotion and education of FM among corporate executives. and education of FM among corporate executives.

Facility Manager Certification Japan (CFMJ) and Facility Manager Certification (CFM)

JFMA conducts facility manager certification examination that tests the level of special knowledge and skill of each applicant, and provides certifications (CFMJ) to those who satisfied the required level of proficiency. We also conduct Certification Renewal Seminars. Since April 2001, JFMA has been implementing the Cross Certification System as (CFM) with the International Facility Management Association (IFMA).

Skill Development

JFMA organizes various seminars for the skill development of the facility professionals that cover wide range of FM-related fields and subjects.

Research/Study Promotion

Through its thirteen Study Subcommittees and one center, JFMA regularly conducts numerous researches and study programs on various subjects that are vital to the practice of FM. The results of these endeavors are presented not only to the JFMA members but also to the general public through symposiums, research and study program results report meetings, and printed reports and materials.

Overseas Study Mission

Every autumn, JFMA sends an Overseas Study Mission to the United States in order to enhance the understanding of the latest trend in FM practices.

Cooperation/Collaboration with outside organizations

JFMA maintains close cooperative/collaborative relationships with both domestic and international organizations that specialize in FM-related fields. We also promote communication and networking with the members of these outside organizations by inviting them to our monthly meetings and by conducting the facility visits. These activities are designed to enrich the mutual benefits of the members of JFMA and outside organizations.

Consulting Service and Database Sharing

Gathering and sharing of both domestic and international FM-related information is one of the most important activities of JFMA. We established the eBenchmark Centerfon July of 1998. We continuously gatherebenchmarking dataf, and publish them as theeBenchmark Study Results Reportf. These activities not only enhance our capability for the data sharing but also support our consulting services for the corporations. Furthermore, we utilize this information in various research and study projects that are conducted by the requests from government agencies or corporations.

Chapter Activities

JFMA is developing a network of chapters in order to promote and establish the FM practices in various parts of Japan. At the present time, chapters have been established in Sapporo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka.

FM International Conference

JFMA organizes the Annual FM International Conference as a place for the information exchange and networking. We invite lecturers from both Japan and abroad, and accepts presentations from a wide range of professionals and organizations.