Japan Facility Management Association (JFMA) is an organization established for the promotion and establishment of FM practice in Japan, and the skill development of the facility managers.

(Established in 1987, authorized as a corporate judicial person on September of 1996 by the Ministers of the Ministry of Economy and Industry and Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation.)

What's New!!

2017/02/02  FACILITY MANAGEMENT FORUM 2017 Information
2016/05/23  JFMA's pamphlet Download Start !!



JFMA's Event


"The Japan Facility Management Convention"is the biggest event of FM in Japan held in February every year, and a visitor will be the scale of about 4000 people.

"JFMA FORUM (The Japan Facility Management Convention)" was being held every year until 2016 for the purpose that the Japan Facility Management Association (JFMA) planned for the spread and settlement of FM (facility management) in our country.
Our association will meet 30th anniversary of establishment next year.
With this as a turning point, we’ll change the name from "JFMA FORUM" to "FACILITY MANAGEMENT FORUM".
We'd like to provide the opportunity to deliver the latest information with the broader perspective.
Look forward to the new "Facility Management Forum" !