What is FM?

eFMf is a new business management approach that started in the United States.

  1. It is a comprehensive management approach for the optimization of the ownership, utilization, operation, and maintenance of the business real properties (land, buildings, structures, equipment, etc.) and maintain them in optimal conditions (minimum costs maximum effects), so that they could contribute to the overall management of the business.
  2. It differs from the conventional management of facilities (Property Administration or Building & Repairs) in the following aspects:
    1. It goes beyond the emaintenance and operationf perspectives and pursues the ebetter ways to managef the business real properties.
    2. In order to achieve this goal, it utilizes a wide range of technologies in various fields including the Information Technology.
    3. FM is a comprehensive management approach comprised of three aspects (See the diagram below):
      1. Management strategy aspect - Pursuit of the optimal management of the entire business real property portfolio that could contribute to the overall management of the business.
      2. Management and Control aspect - Improvements toward the optimized conditions of each facility/equipment.
      3. Operation and daily work aspect - Introduction of systematic and scientific methods to the daily facilityrelated works such as cleaning, maintenance, and repairs.
  3. It can be applied to the all types of business facilities including offices, factories, retail stores, distribution centers, etc.
  4. It should be implemented by all types of organizations including corporations, hospitals, schools, government agencies, etc.